Shaving Razors


Enjoy a full lineup of goods designed to provide more enjoyable bath and shower experiences.

Schick Protector Dispo

  1. Micro safety wires just 1 millimeter thick protect your skin from damage in the event of accidental sideways slippage while shaving. Although the complex design structure of this product brings up its cost slightly, it is uniquely designed to prevent shaving cuts and damage.
  2. Blue-colored Aqua Glide razors (made in China) reduce shaving friction between the blades and skin, while the Super Grip series provides a safe and reliable blade feel on the skin without any slippage.
  3. Blades are manufactured in Germany and elsewhere.

Schick SS2 and SS2 Smoother (White/Blue), and Schick SS1 (White/Yellow)

■Product Feature

  1. Handle designed based on human engineering principles to provide an optimal fit when held in the hand
  2. Guaranteed comfortable shave thanks to the angle at which the razor hits the skin, known as the “Schick angle”
  3. Single- and double-blade types with triple-layer coating to prevent corrosion and provide excellent durability

Schick Arch, Schick Arch Smoother and Schick Personal Touch


  1. The arched handle shaped is the result of Schick’s tireless efforts to achieve a handle that is easy and comfortable to hold, and it facilitates a firm and steady grip in the palm for comfortable yet close tracing of the user’s facial features
  2. The one-push cleaner feature removes hair and other shaving debris trapped between the blades with a single button push while rinsing the razor with water, enabling close shaving action through to the end
  3. The lubricating strip contains vitamin E and aloe (only on the Arch Smoother)